Quantity: 1000
Drop date: JUNE 7 2023

mau5trap dna

the mau5trap
dna pack

mau5trap DNA is meant to be experienced, with ongoing content from three groundbreaking mau5trap artists through months of content drops following mint


The codex

The genesis of the mau5trap DNA experience - the Codex translates sequences to make it all possible.


The essence of 3 mau5trap artists, codified and captured - cartridges unlock ongoing weekly drops from these talented artists.

artist dna

Weekly drops of tracks, album art, lyrics, stems and artists approved AI models - along with the rights to remix and commercialize derivative works.


mau5trap DNA takes your KOR AI companion to greater heights! Level up your KORUS experience and inject that mau5trap feel to your creations.

Content includes music tracks, stems, artwork, video, and digital wearables. Utility for DNA holders includes

  • The music and rights needed to remix mau5trap tracks and releases by mau5trap artists

  • VIP access to community events and exclusive roles in Discord

  • Own Limited edition collectibles including Tracks, Remixes and exclusive artist content released over time

  • Special access to mau5trap merch drops and exclusive discount codes

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